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Samta foundation: Vision

To make rural and tribal
communities healthy, literate
and self-reliant; and working
with prisoners to improve
their quality of life.

Samta foundation: Mission

Ensure that aid reaches
exactly where, when and
how it is needed and create
value for our society by
applying real-world solutions.

Stories of Real Change

Janu’s story :
Cataract Cure

As the elderly man’s eyesight worsened, a specialized Cataract Surgery gave him more than the ability to see

Nashik Prison:
A Success Story

Making inroads to provide healthcare and wellness for prisoners, bailing deserving inmates: an exemplary story

Harsha’s story:
Vocational Course

A shy girl took steps for self-empowerment and found financial independence for herself  and her family

Awards and recognition

Champions of Change Award 2018

Purushottamji was felicitated by the Vice President of India, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, in recognition of the foundation’s impactful work in healthcare, education, community development, etc. in Washim district.

Rushivat Ratna Award 2019

A civilian award, bestowed for the first time, was presented to Purushottamji by Risod Nagar Palika in recognition of his work in healthcare, education, community development, cleanliness

Vidarbha Bhushan Award 2017

Purushottamji was presented with the Vidarbha Bhushan Award, which is given to people from Vidarbha in recognition of their contribution to society through long-term service.

IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award 2020

The Indian Merchant Chambers’ expert committee awarded Purushottamji for the foundation’s achievements in healthcare, education, and community services.

Indian Merchant Chambers (IMC) MQH Best Practices Competition and Awards 2020

Samta Foundation won this award for the Prisoner Transformation Project in Best Practices Competition organized by IMC.

CSR Health Impact Award 2020 by IMW Council

The foundation was nominated for the award’s COVID19 edition to identify the best CSR projects targeting health, hygiene and environment.

Felicitated by Mumbai Dhadkan

On behalf of the Mumbai Dhadkan organization, Dr. Prakash Baba Amte felicitated Purushottamji and the foundation’s Vice Chairman, Madhusudan Agrawal, as a tribute to the COVID-19 heroes.

National CSR Award 2020

Samta Foundation was nominated for National CSR Awards by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The award recognizes companies that are positively impacting society through innovative and sustainable initiatives.