Driven by
that can
the world.

a new

We believe being happy
with the status quo is
unimaginative. Creation &
disruption are the keys to a
more advanced and
sustainable future.

Our sustainable solutions

Bio Fuel

Rare Minerals

Renewable Energy

Sustainable Fibres

Bio Nutrients



Our Group companies

The demand for all things efficient, new age,
and electric, be it wires, gadgets, or vehicles,
sums up the future trajectory of base metals
such as Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, Lithium, Coltan, 3T,
and other Rare Earth Elements.

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One of India’s most efficient Solar
Power projects, Samta Energy was
conceived to participate in India’s
mission to achieve its target of energy
sustainability in a clean and green way.

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Blockchain is what the future is all about,
a technology that is on the cusp of transforming
the world, more than people can imagine. InfiniChains
aims to be one of the first in the country to implement
blockchain-based tracking across the value chain.

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Our associates

Quantumzyme is focused on clean
and green chemistry. The company
delivers custom-designed enzymes
to work in specific process or under
a desired environment.
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