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Chairman’s desk

Chairman’s Desk

Pillars of Intentions

At its very core, the Samta Group is formed on three pillars of intentions: a disruptive mindset, environment friendly and sustainability approach, and a deep sense of social responsibility and ethics
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Point of view

Point of view

Enzyme Engineering – “Evolution on steroids”

Enzyme engineering is paving the way for a future where chemical reactions are quicker, generate less waste, and are environment friendly. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies are expected to accelerate enzyme engineering and further its real-world impact.
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New & Notable

Upcycling: Creative Reuse to craft a sustainable future

In future, advances in technology and processes will lead to the next generation of bio-refineries systems with low-cost conversion of lignocelluloses into biofuels and biochemicals, which will pave the way for a sustainable future.
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